Criminal Defense Lawyer

When a serious felony or misdemeanor arrest interrupts your life, endangers your rights and threatens your future, you need responsive defense representation that safeguards your interests during every phase of a prosecution in the Texas criminal justice system.

In other words, you need to "lawyer up" — and put The Massey Firm solidly in your corner.

Riley C. Massey's experience as a skilled criminal defense lawyer and DWI attorney can benefit you in several ways, from arraignment and indictment to pre-trial negotiations, arguments and outcome, and at trial.

Mr. Massey excels at in-depth investigation of your charges, negotiation with prosecutors and persuasive presentations that expose flaws in their case at trial. He knows the law, is highly familiar with those who enforce and adjudicate it, and aggressively advocates for you when police overstep their bounds.

Whether you are a college student or established professional, a first-time or repeat offender struggling with the consequences of a DWI arrest, drug crime, violent crime or allegation of indecent exposure — even if your legal need is an expungement of a previous arrest or charge, to clear your record — Riley C. Massey can help.

The versatility of Mr. Massey's legal knowledge and quality services also allow him to assist individuals and couples with forward-looking estate plans that can ensure a family's future financial security.

Arrested On A Serious Criminal Charge In Tarrant County Or Dallas County? Lawyer Up — Hire The Massey Firm In Colleyville

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do everything you can to avoid harsh punishments if convicted of a serious crime in north-central Texas. Contact us by phone or email to arrange a free initial consultation.